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The Go-To Choice When You Need a Divorce Coach

ReSolution Services has you covered when it comes to divorce and separation coaching. We always pay close attention to your personal needs, addressing all of your concerns. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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About Divorce Coaching

A divorce coach is someone who is...

  • ...a skilled professional with training and experience in psychology or social work.
  • ...licensed in their profession in Alberta.
  • ...trained in Collaborative Practice.
  • ...a member of a non-profit Collaborative Practice group or association

Is committed to...

  • ...helping you be your best at your collaborative meetings.
  • ...helping you adjust to your divorce or separation.

Enhances your emotional well-being by...

  • ...being non-judgmental.
  • ...listening to your hurts.
  • ...helping you manage your feelings.
  • ...teaching you skills such as relaxation.
  • ...teaching you skills to help you be a more effective negotiator.

Will develop problem-solving strategies to...

  • you handle difficult situations.
  • ...prepare you for meetings.
  • ...access referrals for other services if needed.
  • ...identify your strengths and help you remember them.

Will set direction by...

  • ...communicating with you and the other team members.
  • ...reminding you to take care of yourself.
  • ...encouraging you to set goals.
  • ...working together with other professionals.

Is hired by you...

  • be your partner in the process of helping you and your children have the best possible present and future.

How a Divorce Coach Can Help

Between 7,000 to 8,000 couples get divorced in Alberta every year, yet there are very few resources available in the greater Edmonton area to help people navigate the legal and emotional aspects of separation and divorce.

In a time when relationships and your sense of self are fracturing, it is difficult to focus on what needs to be done to get through the practical necessities while dealing with the emotional fallout. A divorce coach can help in a number of ways. Working with a divorce coach is like having your own personal assistant, supporter and motivator all in one package.

Coaching is a collaborative alliance, custom-tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. Some clients need coaching in perceiving their own needs; others require skills to manage the turbulent ups and downs of divorce and help with more effective parenting, while others want support in healing so that they can move beyond their experience and rebuild a richer, more fulfilling life. Some goals of divorce coaching are to:

  • Provide support, encouragement, and motivation to move forward.
  • Navigate the divorce process proactively rather than reactively.
  • Work through painful, intense emotions (anger, hostility, fear and sadness, loneliness, self-doubt, etc).
  • Identify and research the resources needed to manage change.
  • Establish boundaries when interacting with one's ex-partner.
  • Reduce chaos and stress.
  • Open the door for more effective communication skills with an ex-partner.
  • Map out long- and short-term goals.
  • Identify strategies to support desired actions and outcomes.
  • Identify and accomplish related practical tasks faster.
  • Learn to recognize and move past self-sabotaging roadblocks.
  • Develop reasonable expectations and fulfill them.
  • Learn skills to let go of the past.
  • Build self-worth to support personal growth and change.
  • Adjust to a being single and/or a single parent.
  • Prepare for a healthy partnership.
  • Create a vision for a brighter, more personally meaningful future.
  • Prepare for collaborative meetings with lawyers or mediators.
  • Develop a more effective working relationship with a lawyer.
  • Move through the legal process faster and more effectively.
  • Reduce legal fees and emotional fallout for all involved.

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